Our product line-up

+ Organic & Conventional

All our products are organically and conventionally grown and certified. Our products are available in various sizes and shapes including: cubes, slices or rings for granola, fruit preparation and biscuit production. All of our products can be offered using your private label with a wide variety of package options available. We have a large selection of packaging types; single packaged, 10gr-1000kg, wood through plastic packages; also industry standard packaging like Doypack, Flowpack all the way to Quadropack packaging.

Dried Fruits Apricots
Sun Dried Tomatoes
Sultana Raisins
Thompson Raisins

Nuts Apricot kernels
Hazelnut kernels

Seeds Sunflower seeds

Pastes Apricot paste
Apricot kernel paste
Date paste
Fig paste
Hazelnut paste

Whole, Diced, Ground, Paste, Layered, Pulled, Protoben etc.

Your partner for food commodities

Packaging from 10gr to 1000kg, carton, vacuumed, plastic, wood or styrofoam.

All according to your needs.

We are with you from "Our Projects" to "Your Warehouse".

New Products

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