Our production plants are BRC, HACCP und ISO 9001:2008 certified.

over 26,000 sq meter production area

over 61,000 tons capacity

Only through good service, excellent quality and constant attention to safety standards can we retain your trust.

Apricots, Dates & Figs Factory

+ 12000 sq meter Production Area

- Our Malatya pre-production plant has a 7000 sq meter production area. Pre-production entail rinsing, sorting, sulphur and moisture content controls of the raw ingredients.

- The 5000 sq meter production area in Izmir has two separate areas for apricots and figs. Here the raw materials are further processed: extensive sorting according to customer specifications, excess moisture control section with 30 meter/90 foot oven, in-line X-Ray machine, customer specific dicing with 6 special dicing machines, packing and loading docks.

- The two production plants have a combined yearly production output of 11,000 tons. Hence, it is one of the leading apricot, fig and date production factories in Turkey.


Sultana & Thompson Raisin Factory

+ 14000 sq meter Production Area

- Sultanas are processed in two separate plants, one of which was newly built in 2012 with an investment of over 12 million Euros.


- A special innovative production line from the USA.

- Yearly production output of over 50,000 tons makes it one of the Top-5 Sultana producers in Turkey.


+ BRC, HACCP, IFS, ISO 9001:2008 ...

All production plants are BRC, HACCP und ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Qualitäts Kontrolle

Quality and Food Safety

la Natur GmbH firmly believes that your turst in us and our products can be gained only through good service, quality goods with constant attention to safety standards that have been monitored from production to your warehouse.

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